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We are thrilled with our yard. Not only do Jade, Alejandro, and team bring the knowledge and experience we were looking for, they are also are wonderful to work with—friendly, flexible, and trustworthy. We highly recommend Orion Rockscapes for design and installation expertise.

Debby & Greg

I love the garden design! You’ve laid it out so beautifully and when I look up the plants and imagine them in the space, I see a great combination of color, height, texture, etc.


Orion Rockscapes did a great job of selecting the stone.  The pieces are beautiful and their beauty is enhanced by the thought and experience you brought to the task of laying them to form our path.  We also were impressed with the ideas and suggestions you gave us regarding the installation. You raised points that we had not considered and resolving issues in advance made the job go swiftly and smoothly.  We are delighted.

Stephen & Doris

We’re so excited to see everything grow and bloom this year. Thanks for making our space so beautiful!


Alejandro and his team at Orion did a great job at our house…The quality of the work was excellent…Orion executed the scope of work in the original contract for the amount of the bid…Follow up has been excellent…The schedule was consistent with the scope of and complexity of the project.


Hi Jade!! I LOVE it! [The design] is just beautiful and I can’t wait for it to come into existence…Thanks for your beautiful work.