Orion Rockscapes integrates conscientious design with diligent craftsmanship when working with our clients to create exceptional landscapes. Our passion begins with the art of stone masonry and has grown to encompass landscape design and construction including a wide variety of materials, project scopes and designs. Since 2005, our goal is always to bring out the best in any given material and site, while maintaining the structural integrity of everything we design & build.

Alejandro DELUCIO


Owner & General Manager

Serendipity first brought Alejandro into this business, starting off with a temporary job at another construction company. There he developed a passion for stone work and sharpened his skills in the construction field. With a background in Environmental Engineering in his native Mexico, and coming from a town of masons, it was a natural fit for Alejandro to continue to combine an engineer’s mind with an artist’s vision in the field of landscape construction.  His dedication to his craft is apparent in his attention to detail and ability to develop creative solutions for his clients.

Jade Waples

Jade Waples

Co-Owner, Operations & Landscape Design

Jade was originally drawn to the field of Landscape Design because it offered a platform to creatively express herself while maintaining a strong connection to the natural world. In her designs she aims to instill a fluidity and grace into the landscape that honors the site and creates spaces that are both personal and enduring.
Growing up in Seattle, helping her mom in their summer vegetable garden was a constant source of fun and experimentation. Since then Jade has gone on to graduate from the Edmonds Community College horticulture program and continues to expand her knowledge by regularly attending workshops, lectures and garden tours.