LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTIONBluestone Poolside Patio on Lake Washington

A good landscape contractor has a wide skill set that is honed through experience working with different materials, sites & visions.


We use our skills to craft beautiful landscapes for our clients, regardless of the size of the project or where in the process you are.  Patios, walls, pathways, fences, decks, and other hardscape elements are what we do best, starting with a good understanding of the site to ensure the longevity and integrity of everything we build.  Our team takes pride in their work and we always stand behind the craftsmanship of our finished product.  We love to explore the possibilities of combining different materials to go beyond the standard and create functional art that becomes a part of your everyday life.



Drystack Stone Retaining Wall


Natural stone lends itself to many elements of the landscape and is an excellent material choice not only its beauty but also for its longevity. 


Building with stone is part skill and part vision, and by honoring traditional stone masonry techniques we bring this ancient art into the modern landscape.  We believe that the opportunities for building with stone are limited only by our imaginations, and we are open to projects that stretch the bounds of this material.  Every year we look forward to taking part in stone building workshops and furthering our knowledge of this craft by learning from and sharing with others in the field.

Stone Patio with Groundcover


There’s more to landscape design than first meets the eye.


The aesthetics of a well-designed landscape are backed by the integrity of the constructed elements and a proper analysis of the site.  The design process guides us in creating a harmonious marriage between art and science to design spaces for our clients that are both eye-catching and well-constructed.  Guided by our familiarity with locally-suited plants and materials, we incorporate our clients’ goals and budget into our designs so that they are personal and realistic.